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Seizing Opportunities: Michael's Journey with Vision Academy

Vision Academy Trainee: Michael
Vision Academy Trainee: Michael

Recent high school graduate, Michael, had plans for a gap year before beginning his engineering studies at the University of Queensland in 2024. However, an offer to take part in a surveying training program at Vision Academy redirected his path. 

Academic achievement and scholarship success 

In just a short four months with Vision Academy, Michael has grown a long list of achievements. He was accepted into the University of Southern Queensland's Bachelor of Spatial Science, marking a significant academic milestone. He was also awarded a $20,000 scholarship due to his impressive school results and dedication to full-time study. Michael said, "I can't thank Vision Academy enough for this opportunity. Their support was instrumental in my academic progress." 

Skills enrichment with Vision Academy 

Michael's journey extends beyond the academic realm. Vision Academy equipped him with practical skills in house set outs, contour and detail surveys, and proficiency in various programs and equipment used in surveying including Magnet, AutoCAD, Virtual Surveyor and QGIS. "They have been very effective in teaching me the required skillsets and there is no way that I would be able to do this by now if I was studying on-campus," said Michael. 

A bright future 

With the support and knowledge gained through Vision Academy, Michael is now prepared and equipped with industry skills to pursue further studies in spatial science. His journey is an example of what is possible for high school graduates and the opportunities that can be found in education and mentorship.

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