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Town Planning

Experts in urban transformation 

Town planning is a complex field, involving a town planner to shape urban environments by analysing urban, rural and industrial sites, evaluating feasibility, and interpreting regulations. Our town planning team excels in driving development concepts, achieving the relevant approval, and the commencement of use and compliance. With expertise in subdivision and material change of use, we can ensure local nuances are addressed. Vision Surveys (QLD)'s strong network extends to state and local government, civil engineers, ecologists, environmental scientists, architects and other specialist consultants ensuring a seamless commercial, rural and urban development journey. 

Our town planning services  

In addition to the preparation, lodgement and management of an extensive array of development applications, preliminary approvals, and variation requests, our town planning services provide site analysis assessments, feasibility studies, and undertake due diligence investigations. We investigate and recommend optimal land uses for the development of green-field and brown-field sites. Vision Surveys (QLD)’s town planners prepare town planning scheme submissions, assist with show cause notice and enforcement notice resolutions, and provide advice on complex compliance matters. 


Commercial and urban development  

  • Master planned communities 

  • Subdivisions and large residential estates 

  • Boundary realignments and easements 

  • Shopping centres and big-box retail centres 

  • Lifestyle/retirement villages 

  • Tourist resorts, caravan parks and offshore island resorts 

  • Hotels and motels 

  • Small to large multiple dwelling and short-term accommodation complexes 

  • Dwelling houses  

  • Home-based businesses  

  • Community centres and places of worship  

  • Golf courses and associated clubhouse facilities  

  • Advertising signage  

Rural development 

  • New subdivisions 

  • Boundary realignments and easements 

  • Rural industry uses 

  • Agricultural farms (prawn farms, poultry farms and compost farms) 

  • Nature based tourism 

Industrial activities  

  • Sand extraction quarries 

  • Showrooms and warehouses  

  • Hard rock quarries  

  • Industrial use (low impact, medium impact and high impact) 

Other services 

  • Operational work – prescribed tidal work  

  • Queensland development code referrals to council for setback and height variations  

  • Confirmation of existing use rights  

  • Compliance and enforcement matters  

  • Land matters – road closures and openings, use of reserve land and any other matter involving application to the State 

  • Planning and execution of projects including liaison with external consultants and stake holders such as Local and State Government 


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Town planning FAQs

What is town planning?  

Town planning is the comprehensive process of organising and shaping the physical, social, and economic aspects of urban and rural areas. It involves land use, infrastructure development, and policies to create sustainable and functional communities. 

What does a town planner do? 

A town planner, or urban planner, is responsible for designing and managing the development and growth of cities and towns. They analyse sites, evaluate feasibility, interpret regulations, and guide projects through various stages to ensure effective and sustainable urban development. 

What is urban planning? 

Urban planning is a broader discipline encompassing the strategic organisation and management of urban areas. It involves land use, transportation, infrastructure, and environmental considerations to create liveable, efficient, and sustainable cities. Urban planners work on policies, projects, and designs to shape urban environments. 

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