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Civil Design

Let us take care of your civil design needs  

Vision Surveys (QLD) delivers comprehensive civil design services tailored to project-specific requirements. Our civil construction design services span across earthworks modelling, residential and commercial lot design grading, road works, utility services and various local government projects. With a team of experienced civil designers, drafters and technical specialists working across a range of sectors, Vision Surveys (QLD) offers diverse solutions for our client needs.  

The latest technology  

Vision Surveys (QLD) utilises a range of civil design technology including AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D enabling advanced modeling and analysis. We also employ 12D Model for comprehensive project development, ensuring we deliver projects on time and effectively.  


Civil design services  

Our comprehensive services spans across earth modelling applications, including bulk and general earthworks, volume calculations, heatmap plans, project construction estimating, mass haul analysis, and much more. We specialise in various domains, from residential and commercial projects to roadworks, utilities services, and local government works.  

Earth modelling 

  • Design bulk and general earthworks, volumes calculations, heatmap plans 

  • Project construction estimating 

  • Mass haul analysis  


Residential and commercial 

  • Lot design grading 

  • Road works verge works 

  • Crossovers and parking bays 

  • Stormwater 

  • General site infrastructure design 


  • Re-surfacing and realignment 

  • Pavement modelling 

  • Line marking design 

  • Verge works including crossovers and pathways 


Utilities services 

  • General service corridor and alignment design and relocations 

  • Service 3D clash detection 

  • Preparation of Adac Submissions for local governments  


Various local government works    

  • Lane realignments 

  • Pathway connections 

  • Crossovers, road safety crossing, stormwater upgrading and reinstatements  

  • Disability Discrimination Act compliance works 


Your vision our goal

Let us bring your vision to life

Civil design FAQs

What is the difference between civil engineering and civil construction design? 

Civil engineering involves planning and designing infrastructure projects, focusing on their feasibility and functionality. Whereas civil construction design involves the detailed specifications and layouts for the physical construction and materials used in those projects. 


What does earthworks mean in construction? 

In construction, earthworks refer to the manipulation of soil and terrain, often to create level surfaces or foundations for structures. This can involve excavation, grading, or embankment to achieve the desired ground profile. 


What is the difference between civil design and structural design? 

Civil design deals with the layout and planning of infrastructure, such as roads and utilities. Structural design, in contrast, focuses on the detailed design of building elements, ensuring they can bear the intended loads and stresses. 

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