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Engineering Surveying

Precision in construction and development with Vision Surveys (QLD)  

Engineering surveying is the cornerstone of successful construction and development projects. This specialised field encompasses a range of surveying services that play a crucial role in ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle. 

At Vision Surveys (QLD), our engineering surveying services are your compass in navigating the complex world of construction. From the in-depth details of topographic surveys that capture the intricacies of the terrain to the strategic guidance of construction staking that directs on-site activities, we provide the foundations of a successful build. 

Our engineering surveying services  

​From civil set-outs for residential developments to monitoring and volume surveys, and construction set-outs for diverse infrastructures, our engineering surveying service ensures accuracy and reliability across various projects, including rail infrastructure and renewable facilities. 

  • Geodetic survey control networks 

  • Civil set out for residential subdivisions, including earthworks, services and kerb and channel 

  • As constructed surveys 

  • Monitoring surveys 

  • Volume surveys 

  • Construction set out surveys of buildings, bridges, renewable infrastructure, roads and railway infrastructure 

  • Rail infrastructure for formations, culverts, weighers, natural surface surveys, bridge structures and machine guidance. 


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Engineering surveying FAQs

What is engineering surveying?  

Engineering surveying involves gathering precise measurements and data to support the design, construction, and maintenance of engineering projects. 

What is the role of an engineering surveyor? 

The role of an engineering surveyor encompasses tasks such as conducting site assessments, creating accurate project layouts, and ensuring that construction adheres to specified plans. 

How are topographic surveys done? 

Topographic surveys are conducted by using specialised equipment to measure elevation points and map natural and man-made features of a land area, resulting in a detailed representation of its contours and characteristics. 

What is the difference between surveying and engineering?  

Surveying involves precise measurement, mapping, and data collection of land and objects, while engineering encompasses the design, analysis, and implementation of structures and systems. 

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