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Vision Surveys Melbourne

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For dependable surveying services in Melbourne, trust Vision Surveys. Whether it’s cadastral surveying, 3D spatial projects or town planning, we have expert Melbourne surveyors to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and ensure the success of your next project.  

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

3/26-28 Prospect Street

Box Hill VIC 3128 

P 13000 847 466 


Melbourne surveyors 

Cadastral surveying and site surveys Melbourne

Our team ensures legal compliance, delivering tailored cadastral solutions to meet your unique requirements in land boundary mapping and property division. 

Engineering surveying Melbourne

Elevate your engineer and infrastructure surveying projects with Vision Surveys expertise for reliable data collection for effective project planning and execution. 

Mining surveying Melbourne

Harness advanced technology, including laser scanners and UAVs, with Vision Surveys for comprehensive mining infrastructure and earthworks surveying in Melbourne. With over five decades of experience, our solutions deliver accuracy and safety for optimising your mining projects. 


Rail, renewables, and civil infrastructure Melbourne

Trust Vision Surveys for measurement and mapping of alignments, railway tracks and adjacent areas in rail, renewables and civil infrastructure projects that are aligned with regulatory standards.  

Hydrographic surveying Melbourne

Our team of Melbourne surveyors deliver hydrographic surveying for a range of marine projects utilising a range of specialist sensors.  

3D terrestrial laser scanning Melbourne

Discover the capabilities of 3D terrestrial laser scanning with Vision Surveys in Melbourne. Our team are experts in delivering detailed 3D point clouds for computerized models, delivering exact representations of physical objects. 

Mobile laser scanning (MLS) Melbourne

Capture precise 3D data for environmental monitoring, construction, and road infrastructure with Vision Surveys' mobile laser scanning. Ideal for developing urban, regional, suburban, and large-scale project models, our technology delivers essential results. 

UAV photogrammetry Melbourne

Our UAV photogrammetry experts deploy UAV-mounted photographic cameras for precise and safe results. Eliminate traditional surface-level pickups and minimise machinery risks for precise mapping solutions. 

Airborne LiDAR scanning Melbourne

With airborne LiDAR technology mounted on aircraft for measuring landscape heights discover the advanced mapping capabilities this method can captures within a range of environments. 


Town planning services Melbourne

Elevate your projects with Vision's town planning expertise, coordinating seamlessly from concept to construction. Trust our adept consultants for streamlined approvals and town planning services for subdivisions and material change of use. 

Civil design Melbourne

With a wealth of experience our team delivers customised solutions across various sectors including commercial and residential projects in Melbourne. 

Underground service locator Melbourne  

Utilising electromagnetic induction (EMI) and ground-penetrating radar (GPR), Vision ensures accurate results for underground service location data in Melbourne.  

Let us bring your vision to life

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