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Mining Surveying

Accuracy and efficiency are essentials 

Mine surveying stands as a critical discipline within the mining industry, encompassing the measurement, mapping, and analysis of mines and their surroundings. This specialised field ensures the safety, efficiency, and compliance of mining operations while providing an essential foundation for informed decision-making. 

Our mining surveying approach 

At Vision Surveys (QLD), we have an expert team of mining surveyors with a wealth of capability and experience. We are equipped to execute a diverse range of mine surveying tasks for entire mining projects from exploration through to full-scale production and beyond. With advanced technology, including GPS, total stations, laser scanners and UAVs, Vision provides high-quality information within client needs and expectations. 

Our mine-compliant vehicles and extensively inducted staff operate across numerous sites throughout Australia, ensuring that every mine survey we undertake adheres to the highest standards of safety and regulatory requirements. 


Our services delivered by mine survey experts 

​Experience seamless operations with Vision Surveys (QLD)'s specialised mining surveying services. Our comprehensive solutions extend to meticulous exploration set-outs and pickups, ensuring accuracy throughout your project lifecycle.

  • End of month (EOM) volume reporting  

  • Plant shutdown and construction survey work 

  • Control network and monitoring systems 

  • Lease and tenement surveys 

  • Exploration set out and pickups 

Your vision our goal

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Mining surveying FAQs

What is mine surveying? 

Mine surveying involves the precise measurement, mapping, and analysis of mining sites and their surroundings to ensure safety, compliance, and informed decision-making. 

What does a mining surveyor do? 

A mining surveyor is responsible for accurately measuring and mapping mining areas, collaborating with geologists and engineers, monitoring changes in the mine's structure, and providing essential data for operational efficiency, environmental responsibility, and workplace safety. 

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