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Powered by PeopleIN

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Vision Surveys is proudly powered by PeopleIN, the largest Australian workforce solutions company, renowned for turning complex workforce challenges into success stories across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

With PeopleIN as our backbone, we offer our clients and candidates not just a service, but a partnership with access to a complete workforce solution, assurance in our secure and efficient systems and processes, and the highest commitment to workforce wellbeing, safety and regulatory compliance.

Being ‘Powered by PeopleIN’ means access to a complete workforce solution. Clients benefit from:

Comprehensive Workforce Planning and Advisory Services

Gain a more sustainable, responsive, and skilled workforce through our workforce planning services. Plus, we navigate ever-evolving labour hire regulations and wage compliance landscape, so you don’t have to.

Specialised Recruitment and Staffing Services

Whether permanent, contract, or casual, access the top 10% of specialised industry talent across executive, back-office, international talent, First Nations talent, and more. Reduce costs and complexity with our unified solution.

Advanced Rehabilitation Services

Boost retention rates and overall productivity with PeopleIN’s revolutionary ‘Recover at Work’ program that ensures your workforce remains thriving.

On-Site Contract Services

Streamline your operations and save costs with our bundled on-site services including facilities management, town planning and surveying, and landscaping/tree planting.


About PeopleIN

Largest Australian workforce solutions company

1M+ talent pool

4000+ diverse clients

20+ years of experience

10-15K people payrolled weekly

40 locations throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

For more information on how being 'Powered by PeopleIN' can transform your workforce management, contact us, or visit the website.

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