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Vision Surveys (QLD) specialises in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) based photogrammetry across Australia. We deliver geospatial and photogrammetry solutions through our state-of-the-art UAV technology paired with an extensive array of sensors operated by our experienced team. Our surveyors and photogrammetrists understand local regulations, environmental conditions and project requirements across urban development, agriculture, mining and environmental monitoring.  

Our capability with advanced photogrammetry software and systems 

Vision Surveys (QLD) maintains a diverse suite of image sensors, from standard 1inch RGB, through Full Frame DLSR camera fitted with calibrated photogrammetry lenses. These are complemented with medium and high-resolution multispectral sensors for forestry, high value compact area crops through to over 10,000-hectare broadacre operations. 

Our sensors are paired with the latest UAV technologies from small form factor drones to a four-hour hybrid-powered endurance platform and are approved for Australian Defence Force projects. This versatility allows us to operate in a range of airspaces, including indoor environments. We also capture photogrammetry from ground level to either complement existing data airborne data or as an independent project. 

Our drone fleet, selected for safety and effectiveness, features Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) capabilities and various fail-safe sensors, components and flight protocols for precise and secure data collection. These technologies, paired with our strict safety protocols, assures quality results while maintaining the highest safety standards. 


Translating aerial imagery into spatial intelligence 

Vision Surveys (QLD) can create various deliverables from captured data including:

  • High resolution orthometric aerial images in RGB and multispectral formats 

  • Google Earth™ image tiles for easy dissemination to all project stakeholders 

  • Bear earth models for volumetric reporting and construction stage payment assessments 

  • Complete orthometric street elevations for feasibility design and impact assessments 

  • Quality assurance plans recording correct placement of environmental controls for mining and construction projects. Slope and vegetation assessment for bush fire planning 

  • Airborne preconstruction surveys, including mapping of cracks and any other existing defects using AI image pattern recognition. 

Our UAV photogrammetry services

At Vision Surveys (QLD), we offer extensive photogrammetry services tailored to diverse needs, ensuring accurate and precise data. Our photogrammetry services can support your project with the following:  ​

  •  Mine and quarry monthly volumes 

  •  Bulk volumes for infrastructure projects 

  •  Construction progress monitoring and quality assurance 

  •  Environmental compliance 

  •  Preconstruction condition surveys 

  •  Urban master planning baseline assessment 

  •  Streetscape elevations 

  •  Natural Disaster assessment and management 

  •  Crop health assessment 

  •  Forestry seedling uptake mapping 

  •  Heritage mapping 

  •  Deformation monitoring 

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Photogrammetry FAQs

What does UAV stand for? 

UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. These are aircrafts without human pilots on board, operated remotely or autonomously, often used for various purposes, including aerial surveillance, data collection and monitoring. 

What does RTK stand for and how does it work? 

RTK stands for Real-Time Kinematic. It's a satellite navigation technique used to enhance the precision of position data derived from satellite-based positioning systems, providing real-time corrections to improve the accuracy of location information. 

What is UAV-derived photogrammetry, and how does it relate to asset mapping and condition surveys?  

UAV-derived photogrammetry is a technique that uses drones to capture detailed aerial imagery. AI algorithms are then applied to process this imagery, enabling the creation of highly accurate 3D models and maps for asset mapping and condition surveys. 

How can we ensure that the UAV-based photogrammetry data delivered by external surveyors aligns with our goals for sustainable environmental management and conservation?  

Collaborating closely with your chosen surveyor and providing clear objectives related to what you want and expect to achieve from the photogrammetry process is essential to ensuring that the data supports your project’s mission and objectives. Through this early communication, you can clarify that the photogrammetry process is going to meet your needs. In some cases your chosen surveyor may indicate that photogrammetry may NOT be the best solution, recommending LiDAR or similar options to better suit your project. At Vision, we have both the experience and technology to advise on and execute the best option for your project, be it photogrammetry or LiDAR. 

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