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Mobile Laser Scanning

Ensure safety and accuracy with Vision’s mobile laser scanning  

Mapping and surveying infrastructure such as roads and railways, can be complex. It involves navigating safety risks, with often longer distances to cover and a growing demand for highly detailed data. 

Our mobile laser scanning capability 

Vision Surveys (QLD)'s mobile laser scanning services offer efficient and precise 3D data capture, essential for projects in road infrastructure, construction, and environmental monitoring. 3D laser scanning is suitable for creating detailed models along urban, suburban and regional road networks for large scale projects. Obtain accurate data swiftly and make well-informed decisions with Vision. 


How Vision delivers mobile laser scanning  

Our technology allows us to efficiently capture intricate 3D data of the environment, providing businesses with highly accurate and detailed information for your projects such as precise road corridor and streetscape information. Our mobile laser scanning platform can be integrated with hydro-vessels to provide whole-of-port surveys, high rail vehicles for rail corridor scanning and real-time viewing systems for forestry applications. Explore the possibilities with Vision Surveys (QLD) today. 

Data fusion

Mobile laser scanning integrates seamlessly with our airborne LiDAR, SLAM and hydrological survey capabilities, providing efficient and comprehensive end-to-end project data capture for asset management, feasibility and detailed design. Make Vision your single point of contact for all your data acquisition needs. 

Our mobile laser scanning services

Vision Surveys (QLD)’s mobile laser scanning capabilities can deliver a range of spatial data across:   

  • Urban, suburban, and regional road networks 

  • Rail corridor clearance surveys 

  • Port infrastructure 

  • Forestry surveys 

  • Infill surveys for airborne LiDAR scanning 

  • Infill survey for process plant and similar facilities 


Your vision our goal

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Mobile laser scanning FAQs

What is mobile laser scanning? 

Mobile laser scanning is a technology that uses laser-based instruments mounted on a moving platform, typically a vehicle, to efficiently capture detailed 3D spatial data of the surrounding environment. It provides precise information about the shape, size, and location of objects, making it valuable for various applications, from urban planning to infrastructure development. 

Is laser scanning the same as LiDAR? 

While laser scanning and LiDAR are related terms, they are not precisely the same. Laser scanning is a broader category encompassing various laser-based measurement techniques, including LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). LiDAR is a specific technology within laser scanning that uses laser pulses to measure distances and generate detailed 3D maps. Therefore, LiDAR is a type of laser scanning. 

What is the difference between terrestrial laser scanning and mobile laser scanning? 

Terrestrial laser scanning and mobile laser scanning differ in their approach to data collection. Terrestrial laser scanning uses stationary laser scanners placed at specific positions to capture data within a limited range. Mobile laser scanning, on the other hand, involves laser-based instruments mounted on moving vehicles, allowing for continuous data collection along a route. Mobile laser scanning is often more efficient for large-scale spatial data acquisition. 

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