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Medical Centre – Townsville

Project type: Terrestrial laser scanning and BIM modelling  

Location: Townsville  

Status: Complete 

Client: Genesis Advisory 


What was done: 

Vision Surveys meticulously captured and delivered a high-fidelity point cloud and Building Information Modelling (BIM) model for an established medical centre. The focus extended beyond typical surveying, encompassing services within roof voids and detailed structural components for each floor. 


How this was accomplished: 

Leveraging point cloud and BIM technologies, Vision executed a comprehensive data collection strategy, ensuring precision in every detail. The intricate process involved deploying advanced tools and methodologies to navigate challenging spaces like roof voids. This involved a collaborative effort, engaging skilled surveying professionals and advanced equipment to capture the intricate structural nuances of the medical centre. 


Project outcomes: 

The delivered point cloud and BIM model stand as a foundational asset, empowering future architectural endeavours. This includes provisions for additional floors, remodelling possibilities, and the flexibility to reconfigure existing leases within the building.


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