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Townsville RSL

Project type: Terrestrial laser scanning and BIM modelling  

Location: Townsville  

Client: Townsville RSL 

Vision was tasked to execute a comprehensive laser scan of the entire exterior of the RSL buildings and the surrounding site for the future master plan, a long term planning framework of the Townsville RSL site. 


What was done 

The primary objective was to lay the groundwork for the future master planning of the RSL site. Special emphasis was placed on the roof plant, encompassing support structures critical for the detailed design of new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) installations. 

How this was accomplished 

This was accomplished by capturing intricate details at various Levels of Detail (LOD), ranging from LOD100 for adjacent buildings to LOD300 for the roof plant and structural components. This multi-tiered approach ensured a nuanced representation of the site, allowing for a holistic and detailed master planning process. 

Project outcomes 

Vision's laser scanning project produced a detailed point cloud that blends various levels of detail, offering a comprehensive view of the RSL site. This information served as a foundation for upcoming master planning. In particular, the in-depth insights into the roof plant and support structures enable accurate design decisions for incorporating new HVAC facilities. 

Learn more about our terrestrial laser scanning and BIM modelling services here.


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