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Picnic Bay Water Treatment Plan

Project type: Terrestrial laser scanning and BIM modelling  

Location: Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island 

Status: Complete 

Client: Townsville City Council 


What was done

Townsville City Council entrusted Vision to deliver laser scanning and modelling of a segment of the Picnic Bay Water Treatment Plant on Magnetic Island. The objective was to furnish an intricately detailed and precise point cloud, Level of Development 300 (LOD300) Building Information Modelling (BIM) model, and a traditional detailed survey. The end goal was to facilitate the meticulous design of the envisioned plant expansion. 


How this was accomplished

Vision utilised laser scanning technologies that enabled the extraction of a comprehensive BIM model covering the entire site. Notably, Vision went beyond by extracting a conventional survey directly from the point cloud dataset. This dual-mode surveying technique ensured an exceptionally efficient, accurate, and holistic data capture process. 


Project outcomes

The delivered point cloud, LOD300 BIM model, and traditional survey data collectively serve as a robust foundation for the detailed design of the planned plant expansion. Vision's approach not only guarantees accuracy but also stands as a testament to the efficiency and holistic nature of modern surveying techniques. 


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