August 22, 2018

Mining Surveying

At Vision Surveys (QLD) we have the knowledge, capability and experience to undertake all facets of Mining infrastructure or Earthworks Surveying. Our Laser Scanners and UAVs are ideal for open cut end of month quantity verification’s, eliminating the need for a surveyor to physically walk the pit thus creating a safer work environment for our valued employees. Vision Surveys (QLD) have been providing ongoing Land Surveying services to the Bowen & Galilee Basins in Central and Western Queensland for over a decade.

Mining Infrastructure Surveying

  • BMA’s Daunia Mine;
  • BMA’s Caval Ridge Mine;
  • BMA’s Peak Downs Mine:
  • Moorvale Mine:
  • Foxleigh Mine;
  • Vale’s Carborough Downs Mine;
  • Vale’s Eagle Downs Mine;
  • Bandanna Energy’s Springsure Creek Coal Mine Prefeasibility Engineering Surveying;
  • Moorvale Earthmoving various Bowen Basin Coal Mines;
  • Adani’s Abbot Point Port Expansion, and
  • Galaliee Basin Railway line feasibility surveys for GVK/Hancock, Waratah Coal and Adani

Civil Earthworks Surveying:Setup and Maintenance of machine guidance systems;

  • Maintenance of 3D models used for construction;
  • Conformance reports for road layer thicknesses;
  • Volume computation of quantities utilising GPS and UAV survey methods, and
  • ‘As Constructed’ survey plans for completed work.


We have provided various services to, but not limited to, BMA, BMC, Vale, Bechtel, Anglo American, Adani & Moorvale Earthmoving.