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Whitsunday green estate

Project type: Town planning, commercial 

Location: Whitsundays  

Client: Sanctuary Living Investments Pty Ltd 

Vision Surveys was involved in the comprehensive Development Application process for the Whitsunday Green Club, overseeing the establishment of an 18-hole pitch and putt golf course, initial stages of a part 35 golf course, and integration of clubhouse facilities, utilising advanced surveying technology for precision data collection. 

What was done  

In a pivotal role, Vision Surveys orchestrated the comprehensive Development Application (DA) process for the Whitsunday Green Club's ambitious project. This involved meticulous planning and management, addressing the intricacies of establishing an 18-hole pitch and putt golf course, initiating the foundational four holes of a future part 35 golf course, and integrating state-of-the-art clubhouse facilities. Our team executed a thorough contour and detail survey, a key step in creating detailed design drawings that formed the architectural backbone of the entire development. 

How this was accomplished 

Leveraging cutting-edge surveying technology, Vision Surveys implemented advanced methods during the contour and detail survey phase. Precision was paramount and our team employed state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure accurate data collection. This included the integration of modern surveying instruments, UAV technology for aerial data collection, and advanced software for data processing and modelling. 

Project outcomes  

Through Vision Surveys' strategic contributions, the project successfully translated vision into reality. The DA process, detailed and cadastral surveying, and technological precision facilitated the transformation of conceptual plans into tangible structures. The Whitsunday Green Club's golfing destination emerged as a world-class facility, a testament to the seamless alignment between proposed designs and on-site execution, marking a significant achievement for all stakeholders involved. 



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