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Rockhampton shopping centre

Project type: Town planning  

Location: Rockhampton 

Client: Stockland 

Vision Surveys was tasked to complete an overall tenancy survey of all lease areas within Stocklands shopping centre in Rockhampton. We completed a comprehensive internal and external survey of the centre to provide accurate measurements for tenancy.  

What was done 

Vision Surveys played a pivotal role as the primary surveyor for Stockland Rockhampton, facilitating surveys for all prospective tenants within the complex. The recent initiatives included an extensive mall survey, aiming to recalibrate measurements across the entire common mall area within the complex. This ensures Stockland Rockhampton can accurately determine lease areas for their ongoing tenants.  

How this was accomplished 

Vision Surveys executed a comprehensive surveying strategy, ensuring accuracy and precision in mapping the complex. This involved meticulous remeasurement activities, reaffirming a commitment to up-to-date and reliable spatial data. 

Project outcomes 

The collaboration between Vision Surveys and Stockland Rockhampton laid the foundation for future expansion plans. With ongoing projects such as the extension of the terrace slated for future construction, Vision Surveys stands as a strategic partner in shaping the spatial landscape for Stockland Rockhampton. 

Experience a future of spatial excellence with Vision Surveys, contact us today.  


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