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Great Keppel Island

Project type: Cadastral survey 

Location: Great Keppel Island, Whitsunday 

Client: Tower Holding Pty Ltd 

Vision Surveys was tasked to complete cadastral surveys and contour and detail surveys for Great Keppel Island Resort’s redevelopment.  

What was done 

In collaboration with Tower Holdings, Vision Surveys supported the island resort's redevelopment plan. Our scope encompassed comprehensive cadastral surveying and mapping to assess the state of the resort prior to redevelopment. Forming the foundation for the proposed major overhaul of the island, including a residential precinct, substantial tourism infrastructure and a marina. 

How this was accomplished 

Vision Surveys deployed advanced cadastral surveying techniques, ensuring precise mapping that aligned seamlessly with the ambitious redevelopment plans. The strategic approach involved meticulous surveying methodologies to capture the intricate details essential for the proposed rebuild and laid the groundwork for Tower Holdings' expansive vision. 

Project outcomes 

The outcomes of Vision Surveys' cadastral surveying efforts served as a cornerstone for Tower Holdings' major redevelopment initiative. The detailed mapping provided the necessary foundation for the subsequent phases of the project, contributing to the seamless execution of the envisioned residential precinct, tourism infrastructure and marina.  


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