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Mackay TMR Road Lift and Widening

Project type: Civil engineering  

Location: Mackay 

Status: Completed 

Client: BMB Construction Pty Ltd  


What was done 

Vision managed three critical sections of road widening and improvement projects under the Queensland Flood mitigation and repair work program by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). These contracts involved intricate structural culvert installations and road lifting activities, addressing the aftermath of severe flooding. 


How this was accomplished 

Facing challenging conditions, Vision's team executed extensive structural work and road lifting activities with precision. The team worked closely with both contractors and TMR, ensuring seamless collaboration. Originally slated for a 12-month duration, the project's success and the professionalism demonstrated by Vision led to a remarkable extension to nearly two years. 


Project outcomes 

Vision's exceptional performance not only resulted in the successful completion of the initial contracts but also paved the way for additional assignments. Through effective collaboration, professionalism, and adept project management, Vision has become a trusted partner in TMR's flood mitigation and repair initiatives. 


Choose Vision Surveys for your projects, where resilience and professionalism converge to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional outcomes. 


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