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Georgiou Civil Road Project

Project type: Civil engineering  

Location: Bruce and Dawson Highway’s, Central, Queensland 

Client: Georgiou 

Vision Surveys was engaged by Georgiou to assist with all their survey requirements for the Bruce and Dawson Highway upgrades. This expansive 50km project was completed by our skilled surveyors who have extensive department of transport and main roads experience.  

What was done 

Vision Surveys played a crucial role in the road upgrade project, by deploying a team of four skilled surveyors. Their primary responsibility included setting out and conducting as-constructed surveys for all elements involved in the extensive upgrade spanning approximately 50km. The upgrade covered the stretch from Mirium Vale to Biloela to Marlborough on the Bruce and Dawson Highways. 

How this was accomplished 

Our dedicated team of surveyors, equipped with advanced tools and expertise, meticulously executed the setting and as-constructed surveys essential for the comprehensive road upgrade. The project demanded precision and accuracy in surveying, reflecting Vision Surveys' commitment to delivering high-quality results for infrastructure development. 

Project outcomes 

The successful deployment of a skilled surveying team by Vision Surveys ensured that the road upgrade project progressed with accuracy and adherence to design specifications. This crucial work contributes to enhancing the infrastructure and connectivity along the Bruce and Dawson Highways, benefiting local communities and travellers alike. 

Trust Vision Surveys for your infrastructure projects, where precision surveying meets the demands of extensive road upgrades. 


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