June 28, 2018


Vision Surveys (QLD) specialises in Airborne LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) which involves mounting a laser scanner in an aircraft that measures the height of discrete points in the landscape below the aircraft. This technology can capture hundreds of square kilometres in a single day.

LiDAR can also penetrate dense canopy, enabling the capture bare earth terrain models (not visible using image based photogrammetry).  A number of other derived products can be generated from LiDAR about vegetation and assets (powerlines, towers, buildings). Our LiDAR mapping services include:

  • Map large areas of terrain at medium accuracy;
  • Capture detailed infrastructure such as power lines;
  • Penetrate thick vegetation;
  • Model the shape, height and density of vegetation, including detailed data below canopy level;
  • Simultaneously capture digital aerial photography to produce photo orthomosaic’s, and
  • Be flown safely at low altitudes over urban areas.