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Rugby Run Solar Farm

Project type: Renewables (LiDAR) 

Location: Moranbah, Queensland 

Client: Adani 


Vision Surveys was engaged by Adani as their on-site contract surveyor for the entire scope of surveying needs at the Adani Infrastructure Solar Farm in Moranbah, Central Queensland. With a dedicated team of two surveyors, Vision Surveys diligently supported the project from contour and detail surveys to construction and as-built reporting throughout the two-year duration. 

What was done 

Vision Surveys delivered a comprehensive LiDAR survey for the Adani infrastructure solar farmOur team travelled to the site, establishing a precise survey control network for the flight. The resultant Digital Terrain Model (DTM) underwent rigorous checks once construction commenced, demonstrating an impressive accuracy level of +/- 100mm. This meticulously crafted model became instrumental in the detailed design phase for the solar panel infrastructure. 

 How this was accomplished 

Vision Surveys brought its advanced LiDAR capabilities to the forefront, ensuring an accurate and reliable survey of the expansive solar farm. The establishment of a robust survey control network laid the foundation for precise data collection during the flight. Post-construction checks verified the DTM's accuracy, attesting to Vision Surveys' commitment to delivering high-quality surveying outcomes. 

 Project outcome 

As the principal Surveyor throughout the construction period, Vision Surveys played a pivotal role in the successful realization of the Adani Infrastructure Solar Farm. Accurately delivering contour and detail surveys, as well as accurately setting out all panel locations and reporting on all site requirements, underscored Vision Surveys' dedication to precision and excellence in supporting large-scale infrastructure projects. The accurate DTM not only facilitated detailed design processes but also ensured the seamless execution of the project.  

Choose Vision Surveys for LiDAR expertise, ensuring accuracy and reliability for your solar and infrastructure ventures, contact us today.  


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