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Mount Morgan Mine

Project type: Mining  

Location: Mount Morgan, Central Queensland  

Client: Carbine Resources  

Vision Surveys was tasked with digitising and updating all old mining plans to the latest technology standards, including scanning and recreating plans dating back up to 100 years old. Once the original model was established, Vision Surveys conducted UAV and hydrographic surveys to generate an updated model, enabling volume surveys based on both the original plan data and the latest site model. This allowed Vision Surveys to quantify the tailings material for Carbine Resources' mining operations. 

What was done 

Vision Surveys provided a diverse range of services for Carbine Resources, focusing on enhancing the mine's operational efficiency by using surveying technology that wasn’t available a century ago to digitise scans to quantify tailings. The team embarked on the intricate task of tracing and digitising historical mine plans, some dating back to the 1890s. The goal was to create a sophisticated 3D model of the entire mine site. 

How this was accomplished 

Vision Surveys conducted UAV flights across the site, capturing crucial data. The fusion of historical digitised models with the latest flight data enabled the creation of an updated and comprehensive model. This served as a foundational tool for accurate volume assessments, crucial for mine management. 

Project outcomes 

Beyond digitisation, Vision Surveys implemented survey control across the site, ensuring accuracy in subsequent stages. Preliminary designs for haul roads and drainage systems were meticulously crafted, laying the groundwork for streamlined mine operations. Vision Surveys stands as a reliable partner, leveraging technology and expertise for the advancement of mining infrastructure. 


Choose Vision Surveys for a blend of historical insight and contemporary technology, ensuring your mining projects are built on a foundation of precision and innovation. 


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