June 30, 2014

Surveying Services

Our Land Surveyors at Vision Surveys (QLD) showcase a highly motivated team of enthusiastic staff who maintain a unique blend of skills and experience that allows us to provide professional and reliable advice and services to our valued clientele.

With our team’s excelled and diverse skills, we are capable of undertaking a project from Feasibility Studies to Construction and final As Constructed and Titling Surveys.


  • Urban and Rural Property Boundary Surveying and Disputes
  • Cadastral and Titling Advice & Surveying
  • Identification Surveys
  • Residential Subdivision Surveys

Engineering & Infrastructure

  • Contour and Detail, Digital Terrain Modelling, Volume and Feature Surveys
  • Solar Farm infrastructure Surveying
  • Civil Construction Surveying
  • Multi and single level building setouts
  • ADAC Surveys for new local authority infrastructure

Mining Surveying

  • Establishing large Static GNSS control networks
  • Contour and Detail, Digital Terrain Modelling & Feature Surveys for detailed design
  • Lidar, Scanning and UAV Mapping
  • End of Month Volume Surveys
  • Civil Construction Surveying for new mining and road infrastructure
  • Setout and As constructed Surveys & plans to specific local authority standards

Marine Surveying

  • Hydrographic Surveying
  • Island Surveying
  • Marina Surveying